Health goals

When we talk about improving one’s health, one of the common goals for clients at Spokane weight loss is weight loss, more energy, better sleep and if one is dealing with a specific condition such as thyroid condition then factors such as dry skin, brittle nails come into play.

Weight loss is predominantly the main health goal for most people. Why do most weight loss programs not work? As you have most likely observed, weight loss programs vary from the cheap variety to really expensive ones. Those that are effective are not optimally effective in the sense that, you do lose weight but after the program is over, you cannot maintain your weight.

The Calories Diet Approach

Dr. Werner Marksfeld of Spokane Weight loss does not advocate for calorie restrictive diets that ask you to do a whole bunch of exercise. The misconception of fewer calories in and more calories out has not been proven to be an effective tool for weight loss.

It is important to note that the people who are struggling with weight loss have nothing to do with what they’re necessarily consuming. There are individuals who are eating healthy and exercising but still struggle with weight loss. Granted, you cannot expect to consume excess calories and not store that energy in the form of fat despite being a healthy person.

The reasons why these calorie-focused diets don’t work are due to:
1. They do not address the elements of inflammation specifically in the cell membrane.
2. They also do not focus on the cell sensitivity to hormones that drive metabolism.

This, therefore, means that despite following a low calorie diet and exercising, if you do not address the issue of inflammation in the cells then your cell receptors that “hear” hormones that regulate metabolism, will be blunted. Addressing the cell membrane/receptor issue enables cell physiology to work and respond to hormones that influence your metabolism effectively.

Losing Weight Effectively

Spokane Weight Loss is a program that focuses on the unique process of tackling weight loss at the cellular level, hormonal level and neurological level.

This is done by allowing people in terms of their diet and some natural products to downregulate the inflammation in the cell membrane and to allow the body to either maintain natural hormone production or to create more sensitivity to these hormones in the cell membranes.

Creating this balance in your system effectively resets your metabolism instead of just speeding it up and this is done with real food and not with the addition of exogenous hormones into your body. So, protein shakes, shake-type meals or meal replacements are not advocated at Spokane Weight Loss because they can be very expensive and are just not sustainable.

True weight loss is geared towards resetting your metabolism and not just reducing the pounds. Fixing cells attains this and restoring normal cell function for lifelong sustainable results as is evidenced by patients who go through the Spokane Weight Loss program.